Euroflir 610

Safran’s Euroflir 610 optronic observation system chosen for Eurodrone

Safran Electronics & Defense has signed a contract with Leonardo to develop and supply the Euroflir 610 high-performance airborne electro-optical (optronic) system for the Eurodrone...

December Spectrum SitRep

Armada’s monthly round-up of all the latest electronic warfare news in the product, programme and operational domains. Hermod and Vulcan Arrive Concurrent Technologies has launched two...
British Army Counter-IED Training

UK Counter-IED Technology Advances

The United Kingdom’s Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) capabilities are being reinvigorated thanks to the UK Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) Project Crenic. It delivers new...
Destroyed Russian Borisoglebsk-2 EW Vehicle at Kherson International Airport

Letter From Kherson: Russian Electronic Warfare After Action Report

The Russian Army has withdrawn from the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson. Below is a fictitious letter from an army EW company commander to his...
RAF Stories from the Future (Royal Air Force)

Fast Forward the Future

The Royal Air Force (RAF) describes it as “fictional intelligence, useful intelligence, a meld of narrative and nonfiction”. The world’s oldest air force should...
Air Defence

US Sends Another $400 Million Defence Aid to Ukraine; Total $19.7 Billion Since Russian...

On 23 November the United States authorised a further $400 million drawdown in security assistance for Ukraine’s defence against Russia. In is the 26th...
Project Convergence 2022

Sensor-Decider-Effector Technologies Tested at Project Convergence 22

An intelligence tool designed to recognise enemy vehicles using surveillance video was one of several developments tested at Project Convergence 22 (PC22) held at...
Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in London. (David Oliver)

Japan and UK Move Closer

Fumio Kishida was elected as Japan’s prime minister in October 2021. He was expected to support a strong alliance with the United States and...
Mythos AI’s first autonomous SAFE Porter 78S hydrographic survey vessel, “ArchieOne”

SAFE Boats Delivers Purpose-built Survey Boats for Maritime Autonomy Provider Mythos AI

SAFE Boats International announces production partnership with West Palm Beach, FL-based autonomous maritime technology provider, Mythos AI. SAFE Boats has delivered a purpose-built Porter 78S...
The Carl Gustav M4 is the fourth generation of a weapon that now has a range of ammunition that makes it so much more than just an anti-armour weapon.

Shoulder Fired Mayhem

Armada International was invited by Saab Bofors Dynamics to witness live firing of the company’s Carl Gustav, AT4 and NLAW man portable products in...

Highlight of the Month

General Atomics MQ-9B SkyGuardian UAV

December Radio Roundup

Prototype terahertz antenna

Going Up in the World

Arkeocean AUVs

Wifi Below the Waves


It’s Just a Phase