Russian Be-200 amphibious aircraft will take up fire extinguishing duty in Turkey

Two Russian Be-200ES amphibious aircraft have arrived in Turkey and from June 16 will begin work on suppressing the spread of forest wildfires in...

Armoured Vehicles – Combat Compendium

Armoured vehicles come in many shapes and sizes, with differing roles. This compendium will examine two categories: armoured fighting vehicles (AFV) used for direct...
Polish soldier from the GROM unit

Special Effects

The contemporary operating environment remains an extremely busy one for international Special Operations Forces (SOF), as governments continue to recognise and further extend their...

Transforming the Royal Air Force

Air Marshal Andrew Turner, deputy commander, Capability provides an insight into the intellectually driven ASTRA - the plan to transform the Royal Air Force...

Cummins Advanced Combat Engine (ACE) Displays Revolutionary New Capabilities

An opposed-piston diesel engine that works on a two-stroke combustion cycle and produces roughly 1,000-horsepower without the need for a valvetrain may sound like...

EW Systems Support Turkish Syria Offensive

The Turkish government has confirmed that its armed forces are using electronic warfare systems to support military operations in north-eastern Syria. Professor Fahrettin Altun, the...
Elbit Soltam smoothbore 120mm mortar

Over The Top

Mortars are a class of artillery. They differ from guns which have a low, flat trajectory best suited for engaging targets by direct fire...

Beginning of the End for F-35?

The United States Air Force’s (USAF) Warfighting Integration Capability (AFWIC) office has drawn up a new future fighter roadmap that would cap Lockheed Martin...

FN SCAR®-SC now available in .300 BLK caliber

Some new features from FN Herstal, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of small arms, are to be discovered shortly. At the end of...
Lidar Scope

OMNETICS WHITE PAPER: Evolution of High Performance Vision & Surveillance in Defence

Connecting and routing the high speed digital data within electronic systems has become the next challenge for system engineers. The Omnetics white paper...

Highlight of the Month

Spectra Group STOCS

September Radio Roundup

USAF B-2A Spirit Strategic Bomber

Spirit of Cooperation

Reutech Project Radiate Tactical Radios for South African Military

Project Radiate Delivers