RAF Typhoons deployed on Op Biloxi, the United Kingdom's contribution to NATO's Southern Air Policing, at Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base in Romania, May 2021.

Operating at the Speed of Relevance

Air Marshal Sir Gerry Mayhew, the Royal Air Force’s (RAF) Deputy Commander for Operations (DCOM Ops) talked to Armada International during a busy tour...
A French Navy (FN) Rafale fighter aircraft

US, French navies meet for second bilateral strategic dialogue

The US Navy (USN) and the French Navy (FN) have conducted their second annual bilateral strategic dialogue, the USN has announced. In a meeting held...
Boeing F/A-18C Hornets of US Marine Corps Squadron VMFA-323.

US Marine Corps F/A-18C Hornets Deploy to Poland for Air Policing

On the 78th Anniversary of ‘D-Day’ 6 June 1944, the Boeing F/A-18C Hornets of US Marine Corps Squadron VMFA-323 began their deployment to Lask...
The RSwAF Gripen C fleet is being upgraded. (David Oliver)

Swedish Air Force Switches Focus As It Prepares to Join NATO

The Chief of of the Swedish Air Force (RSwAF), Major General Jonas Wikman, at the annual Swedish Air Force Fan Club meeting said that...
Eurofighter Halcón Ⓒ Airbus SAU 2022 Juanjo Sanz - Mango Producciones

Spain orders 20 Eurofighter jets under landmark contract to modernise its combat aircraft fleet

The NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency (NETMA) has signed a landmark contract for the acquisition of 20 latest generation Eurofighter jets. Known as...
Multi-Domain Combat Cloud capabilities for future FCAS operations. (Airbus)

Europe Looking to Future Combat Air System (FCAS) to Boost Defence Autonomy

“FCAS is much more than merely an air defence system: it represents Europe’s big chance to reinforce its defence autonomy and to establish and...

Tempest demonstrator ‘to fly within five years’

A demonstrator of the Tempest sixth-generation fighter will fly within the next five years, senior officials associated with the programme announced at the Farnborough...

L3Harris Weapon Launchers on Saab’s Game-changing Gripen E Fighter to Increase Firepower, Pilot Security

The next-generation Saab Gripen E fighter aircraft will allow pilots with the Swedish and Brazilian air forces to carry significant firepower with enhanced air-to-air...

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