Civilian Radios

Point Break

Do claims that Russian COMINT experts have cracked the AES-256 encryption standard, and are exploiting this achievement to support military operations in Ukraine, hold...
Doodle Labs Helix Mesh Rider Radio

July Radio Roundup

Doodle’s new kit and caboodle Doodle Labs has announced it is planning to cooperate with companies supplying Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to Ukrainian forces. The...
RAF Boulmer Guardian Workstations

Sharing the Picture

New incarnations of the Royal Air Force’s Guardian integrated air defence system command and control architecture will be upgraded with NATO’s Link-16 communications protocol....
British Army Command and Control

Reaching the Summit

A recent experiment in the UK demonstrated the feasibility of networking a raft of assets to provide land forces with a scalable, common operating...
Information Warfare

Radioflash! Episode-6: Fighting with (dis)information

Information is a strategic resource, it always was, but with fake news and disinformation by nefarious actors very much on the agenda, its manipulation...

Mesh networks now vital for critical data comms

One of the obvious pitfalls in relying on data for tactical advantage on the battlefield is the vulnerability of communications networks. The more data...
SATCOM Direct Ku-band Terminal for C-130

June Radio Roundup

SATCOM for Hercules R4 Integration’s Multi-Purpose Hatch System (MPHS) is being enhanced with Satcom Direct’s Plane Simple Ku-band (14 gigahertz/GHz uplink and 10.9GHz to 12.75GHz...

Radioflash! Episode 4: Beyond the Horizon

Keen-eyed readers of Armada’s military communications webpage may remember an article we ran in April that looked at tropospheric radio. The article discussed the...
Russian Army R-187 Azart Radio

Speak Easy

More details come to light on how the Russian Army organises its tactical communications in the Ukrainian theatre of operations. The 2023 Association of Old...
Russian Air and Space Force C2 Digitisation

Russian IADS Redux Part-4: Missing Link

Armada’s electronic warfare webpage and monthly newsletter is running a series of articles on the components and concept of operations of Russia’s strategic Integrated...

Highlight of the Month

Spectra Group STOCS

September Radio Roundup

USAF B-2A Spirit Strategic Bomber

Spirit of Cooperation

Reutech Project Radiate Tactical Radios for South African Military

Project Radiate Delivers