PK machine gun at Russia-backed rebel position near the division

Ukraine – Global Economic Dislocation has just Started

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author John Longhurst, Chairperson, TangentLink. In conjunction with our colleagues at TangentLink, below...
Belarus Air Force Mi-24s being overhauled at JSC 558 Aircraft Repair Plant.

Russia’s toxic partner Belarus

In January Russian forces began to mass in Belarus along Ukraine’s northern border when the Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General...
Russian EW system attack (Twitter)

Rah, Rah, Rash Putin?

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24th February, Armada will provide continually updated coverage of Russian electronic warfare efforts as the conflict unfolds. Author’s Note...

EDITOR’S BUNKER BRIEFING (28 February 2022, No.77)

PUTIN’S UKRAINE INVASION DRAGS RUSSIANS INTO SENSELESS EUROPEAN CONFLICT Dear Readers, Last week, what I hoped would not happen - while acknowledging all evidence to the...

Russian Forces Continue Advance; Reports of Them Entering Kyiv

As I write this the BBC is reporting that Russian forces are entering the capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv. Whether the ‘call to arms’...

BREAKING NEWS: Russia Begins Attack on Ukraine

This morning, Thursday 24 February, all media outlets are reporting that Russia has now begun military operations against Ukraine. It has been widely reported...

EDITOR’S BUNKER BRIEFING (22 February 2022, No.76)

RUSSIA’S UKRAINE MADNESS Dear Readers, I restart Bunker Briefing again in 2022 much where I left off in November 2021, shaking my head at the madness...
Defence Ministers

Russian/Belarus Exercises Squeeze Ukraine from North and South

As Russian forces began to mass in Belarus along Ukraine’s borders, in January the Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Alexander...

Ukraine Tension Heats Cold War Incursions

Speak to the majority of military personnel with experience of the Cold War and most will confirm that Russian air force and naval activities...

Russia’s Threat to Ukraine Is a Dilemma for Europe

The tense situation over the continuing independence of Ukraine is the concern of most of Europe this week. While not a member of NATO...

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