Electronic Warfare Podcast 17: Chinese Whispers

Chinese electronic warfare is an enigmatic subject. Important new research sheds light on how the People’s Liberation Army’s land forces see EW. Sam Cranny-Evans is...
A Falcon Squadron 6x6 Fuchs TPz CBRN reconnaissance vehicle and crew on a training exercise in Jordan. (Crown Copyright)

CBRN Danger Persists

Despite the impact of COVID-19, there is still good reason for governments to affirm their commitment to new CBRN equipment and training. The long delayed...
Typhoon Captor E

Airborne AESA Fighter Radars

AESA radars are generally considered to be the most innovative and technologically-advanced type of tactical radar system and have become almost a necessity for...
ND-SV003 See Through Wall Radar System

Through Wall Imaging Technology: NovoQuad’s 2D & 3D See Through Wall Radar Systems

When police force, law enforcement, rescue organizations perform missions, real-time information of live targets behind walls and obstacles is critical to strategic planning and...
ESSOR Interoperability Test

Testing Times

Europe’s ESSOR wideband waveform takes an important step forward in its quest to enhance tactical communications interoperability. The A4ESSOR consortium announced at this year’s Eurosatory...

Broader NATO naval focus reflected in ‘Dynamic Mongoose’ exercise

NATO’s broadening strategic focus on increasing naval presence and demonstrating naval capability across the entirety of the Euro-Atlantic theatre even in the face in...

Pincroft to provide innovative non-skin contact vector protection for military fabrics

Adlington, United Kingdom: Pincroft, a commission textile dyer, printer and finisher with over 90 years of experience supplying armed forces and defence companies around...


Textron Defense, which supplied its M5 RIPSAW to the US Army for its concept trials using Remote Combat Vehicles – Medium (RCV-M), is now...

Safran and MBDA take a majority stake in CILAS

Safran Electronics & Defense and MBDA have completed the acquisition of ArianeGroup’s 63% majority stake in CILAS, a French company specialized in lasers for...

The Art of Countering Artillery Fires in Ukraine

As Russia’s invasion and occupation of southern and eastern Ukraine moves into a new phase, counter-battery radar is proving its worth as the artillery...

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A bustling walkway at DSEI 2023

DSEI 2023 breaks all records

AERALIS’s fleet of varied Common Core Fuselage designs. (AERALIS)

The Core of AERALIS

Spectra Group STOCS

September Radio Roundup