Pandemic Illustrates Network Fragility

2020 is the year that every networked citizen of the world is going to learn about the power (and fragilities) of networks. COVID-19 The cause...
UK Minister for the Armed Forces

Winning the Fight With Data Analysis

Published in the June/July 2020 Issue - The analysis of data, who to distribute it to and how it will be used will be...

Challenges to National Defence Sector Growth

Published in the September 2020 Issue - The United Arab Emirates government has created opportunities for its own citizens and for international industry partners...

Pan’s Labyrinth

Published in the September 2020 Issue - Unravelling the mystery of the US PAN-1 signals intelligence collection satellite, and UCAV strikes in Yemen. Like any...

Lifting Power Sustains Mali Mission

Published in December 2020/January 2021 issue - On 1 August, 2014, France launched Operation Barkhane at the request of the Republic of Mali government...

Defence Industry and Signals of the New Norm

Published in the June/July 2020 Issue – COVID-19 is changing the world at an unprecedented pace. The disease spread around the world with amazing speed and terrible...

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