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US Army Down-Selects Shadow Replacement Candidates

The US Army has selected five potential candidates to replace its RQ-7B Shadow under its Future Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (FTUAS) Increment 2 program....
Abrams are destined for service with the Ukrainian Army.

EDITOR’S BUNKER BRIEFING (30 January 2023, No.83)

CAVALRY ON THE HORIZON, BUT WITH MANY DIFFERENT HORSES Dear Readers, Welcome to the first Bunker Briefing of 2023. Expert observers of the war in Ukraine expect...
Jackel UAS-LM

Northrop-Grumman Jackal UAS for Penetrating Defenses

The limited air speed of most current Unmanned Aerial Systems, both ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) and Loitering Munitions (LM), have limited capability to...
Jump 20 UAS

AeroVironment JUMP20 Transforms its UAS

The traditional fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle displays the attributes of greater air speed and increased endurance but can be limited by the need for...
Ukraine Orion

Ukraine’s Unmanned Air War

UAVs are being used at the centre of air operations conducting ISTAR missions on a daily basis. We have recently seen extensive use of unmanned...

Targets of Opportunity

The attack on the MV Mercer Street by Iranian ‘one way explosive UAVs’ illustrates how loitering munitions are now being widely considered for battlefield...

Sky High Future

The financial rewards of building UAVs to meet a multitude of mission over the next decade is set to sky-rocket. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) will...

AeroVironment to Acquire Arcturus UAV

Total transaction value of $405 million in cash and stock. Arcturus UAV’s complementary capabilities provide program diversification, increase key customer penetration and enhance...

UAVs evolve to meet the changing mission

Published in the October/November 2020 Issue - Unmanned aerial vehicles can be employed from the smallest to largest military formations, to meet a developing...

AeroVironment Awarded $2.6 Million Contract from U.S. Ally

Contract includes spares to support customer’s existing fleet of tactical unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and adoption of Puma LE (Long Endurance). Puma LE...

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