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RAF Stories from the Future (Royal Air Force)

Fast Forward the Future

The Royal Air Force (RAF) describes it as “fictional intelligence, useful intelligence, a meld of narrative and nonfiction”. The world’s oldest air force should...
AI enables faster processing of large volumes of data, but the key issue of data collection and reliability remains to be addressed.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence in a Naval Context

While artificial intelligence has long held an almost fictional status which has seemed long on promise, in actuality it is increasingly defining superior ways...
Naval Group AI

AI’s Achilles Heel?

Artificial Intelligence is promising to speed up the analysis of data to further tighten the OODA loop for commanders. But does it also have...

Early bird offer expiring soon for the Military Space Disruptive Technology Conference

SMi Group reports: early bird offer ending on 31st January, register for the Military Space Disruptive Technology Conference. Due to high demand, SMi Group is...

Difficult Questions

Artificial intelligence is a growing reality in electronic warfare. Its uptake poses some ethical conundrums that will need to be tackled. “This is why no...

UK and US Research Teams Demonstrate AI Technologies to Improve Situational Awareness

The United Kingdom’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) and the United States’ Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) have created a four year research...
Cognitive Electronic Warfare Book Cover

Thinking Aloud

A new book gives a much-needed discussion and clarification on the specifics of Cognitive Electronic Warfare. Lockdown is a time for reading. Once more Armada’s...

AI may be the solution to Defence Industry Cyber Security

A powerful theme of defence industry conversations around the world is the increasing criticality of cyber security. Cyber Security It is a focus for governments...

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