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KC-46A Pegasus-1

Pegasus Stretches Her Wings

Lieutenant Colonel Joshua Moores, Commander 344th Air Refueling Squadron provides insight into the squadron’s transition to the KC-46A Pegasus, its expanding mission set and...

UK and US Research Teams Demonstrate AI Technologies to Improve Situational Awareness

The United Kingdom’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) and the United States’ Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) have created a four year research...
AFSOC Special Tactics Airmen demonstrate airpower

Bell Boeing Begin Nacelle Improvements on Air Force CV-22

The first Air Force CV-22 Osprey designated for nacelle improvement modifications arrived at Bell’s Amarillo Assembly Center on Sept. 21. The aircraft is part...

Maintenance and fault diagnosis simulators for F16s

HAVELSAN engineers and Air Force Command aircraft maintenance technicians developed a Troubleshooting Training Simulator for F16 aircraft. In the first phase of the F16 Simulator...

Packing a Punch

In terms of maximising levels in lethality, SOF continue to identify small arms and support weapon solutions capable of being used across a variety...

Elbit Systems’ BrightNite Declared Operational by an Air Force of a NATO Country

Having being declared operational, Elbit Systems delivered BrightNiteTM systems for Puma330 helicopters of an Air Force of a NATO country. Users’ feedback has been...

EXPAL Systems presents solutions to evolve Eurofighter Typhoon capabilities

EXPAL presented in the conference SYMDEX 2019 “Universe 4.0: The Digital Transformation in Defense”, its engineering and systems integration solutions to evolve Eurofighter Typhoon...

Winds of change in the Fighter market

Andrew Hunter - Very little stirs the blood in defence quite like a good fighter competition. Fighters are glamorous, eye-catching, and expensive. They are...

Germany extends the contracts for the operation of the Heron 1 drones in Afghanistan...

Heron 1 German Air Force drones operation extended for more than a year Proven performance capability with a system availability reaching over 98% ...

FREQUENTIS awarded first military remote virtual tower contract

US Department of Defense (DoD) selects FREQUENTIS technology to support Air Force and other DoD agencies. DoD has selected Frequentis’ remote virtual tower (RVT) technology....

Highlight of the Month

Spectra Group STOCS

September Radio Roundup

USAF B-2A Spirit Strategic Bomber

Spirit of Cooperation

Reutech Project Radiate Tactical Radios for South African Military

Project Radiate Delivers