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The Bae Archer 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer.

British Army Fielding BAE Archer Self-Propelled Howitzers

The British MOD in a March 16, 2023 release that the Army will receive fourteen Archer 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzers. These will partially replace...
Nora - Yugo Imports at Yuma Proving Grounds.

Wheeled Self-propelled Artillery at AUSA

The US Army’s active interest and potential requirements for artillery capability compatible with the Stryker’s manoeuvre saw truck mounted howitzers well represented at the...
Arnold Defence FLETCHER land based 2.75-inch rocket launcher

Arnold Defense announces next generation FLETCHER development program

Arnold Defense, the St. Louis based manufacturer of 2.75-inch rocket launchers, is announcing the launch of a capability development program for their unique FLETCHER...

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