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Ukraine Cyber Attacks

Code at War

A recent presentation by a senior Ukrainian government cyber security official gave some valuable insight into the military dimension of Russia’s cyber war against...
Cyber threat physical map

Safeguarding Berylia

NATO’s annual Locked Shields cybersecurity exercise gets underway in Tallinn, Estonia, bringing together participants from across the alliance. Estonia is a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation...
US Army TLS-BCT vehicles

Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Doctrine

The US Army’s ATP 3-12.3 Electromagnetic Warfare Techniques publication hit the streets in January 2023. It provides an excellent insight into how the force...
Electronic Warfare Training

Radioflash! Episode 3: Train as you fight!

The electromagnetic spectrum has never been so congested. This is only likely to get worse. Training is a key part of meeting this challenge...
British Army EW troops

Better Late than Never

The British Army has embarked on the latest chapter in the wholesale renewal of its electronic warfare capabilities. The tender for Project Cornerstone was...
NATO Cyber Coalition 2022

Putting the C into CEMA

A recent NATO exercise in Estonia shed light on how the alliance sees cyber warfare at the operational and tactical levels. This year’s North Atlantic...
TLS-BCT Vehicle

Onward to Introduction

The US Army is moving ahead with the TLS-EAB programme which will provide operational-level cyber and electronic warfare effects for its manoeuvre force. On 18th...
Tactical cyber warfare for dismounted troops

Closely Coordinated

The close coordination of tactical cyberwarfare and electronic warfare is imperative if both are to deliver useful effects on the battlefield. Much cyberwarfare discussion focuses...
Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers put their training into practice

Signal, Manoeuvre

More details come to light on the British Army’s future cyber and electromagnetic activities posture. The British Army’s Future Soldier Guide was published in...


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