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Following the Rule Book

Details are emerging of the Ukrainian Air Force’s air defence suppression doctrine as the country seeks to win and sustain air superiority and supremacy...

Dissipating the Fog of War

The introduction of the world’s first and only Link-16 compatible handheld radio is set to revolutionise close air support. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s...

Registration opens for SMi’s 5th annual Close Air Support Conference

SMi Reports: SMi’s 5th annual Close Air Support conference is returning to London, UK on the 5th and 6th of June 2019. This year’s two-day...

Small Targets present Big Challenges

Counter Insurgency (COIN) campaigns present some of the most demanding mission sets for military aircraft involved in Close Air Support (CAS). Yet improvements in...

Best Supporting Actors

The nature of modern day operations means that air strikes are often the primary form of attack used against targets, and traditional battlefields, which...

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