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58% Faster: New SATCOM Connectivity Tech Boosts Streaming Data Speed in Rotorcraft

Excerpted from Cobham’s Connectivity White Paper Series Out of the Shadows: The Dawn of a New Day for Rotorcraft Connectivity How a Technology Breakthrough called SB-Helo...

Armada International Podcast: Operating Satcom Through a Helicopter’s Rotor Disc

Armada International and Asian Military Review Editor-in-Chief Andrew Drwiega talks with Shaun Schaper, Cobham’s engineering specialist, about how an issue called rotor shadowing led Schaper to co-develop a new...

JEWCS of Hazard

Schooling naval personnel in electromagnetic righteousness is at the heart of the training provided by NATO’s JEWCS organisation. Joint Electronic Warfare Core Staff (JEWCS) The alliance’s...

Peru reaches out to US for Ground Force Modernization

The modernisation of the Ejército del Perú (Peruvian Army) could take a major step forward with approval of its request by the US State...

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