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Cohort to deliver latest and best technologies to MoD

Cohort plc companies MASS and SEA have been selected to form part of a new UK Ministry of Defence maritime research and development programme...

SEA awarded Soldier System Research and Development contract

Cohort, the independent technology group, is pleased to announce that its SEA subsidiary has been contracted by a UK government agency to lead a...

SEA showcases New & Enhanced thin line towed KraitArray Sonar

Cohort plc company SEA is showcasing a new, enhanced version of its thin line KraitArray towed Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) sonar at Pacific 2017 in...
Chinook project

SEA successfully links Ship/Air Interface Simulation Capability

Cohort company SEA is providing modelling and simulation support to the UK MoD Chinook project team as a method of assessing key aircraft handling...

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