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Spectra Group COMET

Trop of the Pops

New tropospheric communications systems will provide important enhancements to British Army and NATO beyond line-of-sight communications. In early March Spectra Group announced it would supply...

Electronic Warfare Podcast 18: Cold Space

The United States and Soviet Union poured billions of dollars into signals intelligence satellites during the Cold War. These spacecraft were an invulnerable and invaluable...

Ukraine Tension Heats Cold War Incursions

Speak to the majority of military personnel with experience of the Cold War and most will confirm that Russian air force and naval activities...


Unleashing the power of the electromagnetic pulse could be devastating for critical national infrastructure. In late February, Rafael Advanced Defence Systems announced the selection of...
A Walk in the Woods

Park Life – A review of Lee Blessing’s ‘A Walk in the Woods’

Three decades since the end of the Cold War this epoch continues to fascinate historians and dramatists alike. Like many great works of drama Lee...

Electronic Warfare Podcast 7: The Cunning Foxbat

The Foxbat was one of the most feared and enigmatic aircraft of the Cold War. We chat to Mike Guardia, author of the new...
MOUT scenarios

Cities in Conflict

One could argue that the strategic importance of cities in a conflict is not a new concept. Historically, cities were used for protection by...

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