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General Atomics SOAR SIGINT Pod

There be Dragons!

Reports on social media emerged in April that Royal Air Force General Atomics MQ-9A Reaper uninhabited aerial vehicles are flying equipped with the Outdragon...
British Army Banshee BTR Radio on Display

Talking to the Banshee

A new British Army capability is providing cellular connectivity on the battlefield for voice and data traffic, along with conventional communications backhaul, all via...
Combat-34 Handheld Radio

Old Wine in New Bottles?

Russia may have deployed a new domestically produced handheld radio into Ukraine. Is it likely to help alleviate some of the Russian land forces’...

Radioflash! Episode-8: Israel, Hamas and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

In this episode of Radioflash! we explore how the war between Israel and Hamas could unfold in the electromagnetic spectrum. On 7th October, the Palestinian...
Norwegian Army Heimdall COMINT system

Northern Exposure

Norway has acquired a new land forces electronic warfare capability for communications intelligence gathering. A renaissance in land forces Electronic Warfare (EW) is being seen...

Junta Comms

The Niger Army appears to use rudimentary communications, primarily relying on civilian standard radios, with a smattering of specialist tactical transceivers. As these words were...

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