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BMT and DNV partner on CAIMEN capability to meet Australian Army amphibious requirements

BMT and DNV have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to accelerate development of BMT’s CAIMEN-Large landing craft to meet the Australian Army’s Landing...
Three RAN Destroyers

Australia confirms details of planned Tomahawk fit for DDGs

Australia has confirmed its intention to purchase Tomahawk sea-launched cruise missiles to equip the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN’s) three Hobart-class guided-missile destroyers (DDGs). In a...
USS Mississipi visit to FBW

Defence minister underscores AUKUS submarine’s impact on Australian operations and defence industry

The nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN) to be built for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) under the Australia/UK/US AUKUS trilateral agreement will deliver significant benefit...
HMAS Brisbane RPD21

Australia to re-assess surface fleet construct, following strategic review

Australia intends to conduct an independent review of the size, mix, and capability of its naval surface fleet, as part of increasing the overall...

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