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Russian EW system attack (Twitter)

Rah, Rah, Rash Putin?

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24th February, Armada will provide continually updated coverage of Russian electronic warfare efforts as the conflict unfolds. Author’s Note...

Russian Radiation

Any future invasion of Ukraine will see the Russian Army manoeuvring aggressively in the electromagnetic spectrum against a Ukrainian Army knowing what to expect. “Music,...

Thinking Together

The advent of the US Army’s TITAN command and control tool has positive implications for electromagnetic manoeuvre. On 19th January the US Army selected...

Supporting Actors

The US Army is overhauling the electronic warfare assets supporting its Brigade Combat Teams. What new systems is it receiving, and when might these...

Electrum for the Spectrum

The Pentagon publishes its first strategy stating how the country’s armed forces will jointly manoeuvre for superiority in the electromagnetic spectrum. “The Nation has entered...

Jamming Backpacks

The US Army could receive backpack-based electronic warfare/cyber attack systems in the coming years. The Check the Manual article in the September edition of Armada’s...

Check the Manual

The US armed forces have a new doctrine for joint electronic warfare highlighting the importance of electromagnetic manoeuvre and reflecting recent events. The signal was...

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