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Guardrail Goodbye

At fifty years old, the US Army’s Guardrail series of Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) aircraft are looking at a well-deserved retirement. The Guardrail concept employed a...

Hawks for the Heavens

HawkEye 360 plans to have its third cluster of RF sensing satellites operational by August. Sharing its name with the lovable Captain Benjamin ‘Hawkeye’ Pierce...

Opportunity Knocks

Taiwan's air force may buy new SIGINT aircraft over the next four years. According to Armada’s records, the Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF) flies...
Cognitive Electronic Warfare Book Cover

Thinking Aloud

A new book gives a much-needed discussion and clarification on the specifics of Cognitive Electronic Warfare. Lockdown is a time for reading. Once more Armada’s...
Crumbcatcher SIGINT System

Oh Crumbs!

Launched in April, Crumbcatcher is Northeast Information Discovery’s first SIGINT product. The company has teamed up with COMINT Consulting to provide “access to over four...

Carry on up the Cyber!

Two new UK government papers show how the UK’s armed forces and the country’s wider defence industrial community will strive to win electromagnetic supremacy...


Elettronica launched the world’s first online electromagnetic spectrum encyclopedia in late March. We caught up with the company’s CEO Enzo Benigni to talk about...

Thy Fearful Symmetry

French electronic warfare modernisation takes another step forward for all three services with the procurement of the SYMMETRY SIGINT system. The news that the French...

Closer to the EDGE

Elettronica is moving forward with the development of its EDGE airborne escort and stand-off jammer. There may be a global Covid-19 pandemic in full swing,...

The New Old Game

General John E. Hyten, vice chair of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, shares his perspectives on electromagnetic support operations during a recent online...

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