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US Army soldier using SPX CommTech COMINT technology

SPX CommTech introduces enhanced Data Link Encoder/Decoder to accelerate critical data transfer

The new Evenlode Video and Audio Encoder / Decoder delivers improved low-latency, long-range, high-definition video and audio transfer for faster and more accurate...
Tove digital RF datalink for unmanned applications. (Enterprise Control Systems)

ECS’s first UAV and DO-160 certified RF data link to be unveiled at DSEI

Enterprise Control Systems (ECS), a British-based RF technology company part of SPX Corporation, announces the launch of Tove RF data link. Tove is a...
RADA UAV air defence systems

Drone Dangers

Having created a bow wave of enthusiasm and a new industry around Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) of all sizes, there is now a pressing...

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