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Philippine Military Focuses On Territorial Defence

During the Philippine Army’s Artillery Regiment’s 125th Anniversary Ceremony on 1 July Army Chief Romeo Brawner made the announcement that as the “forefront of...
mrzr-tow-launch and .50 mg Ex Lethal Weapon CF 06-23

Royal Canadian Regiment Trials Armed ATVs

The 3d Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) during its recent LETHAL WEAPON Field Exercise conducted operational and firing trials of its Polaris...
General Autonomics MQ-9 Reaper Drone

US Marines Receive Reaper Drone

The US Marine Corps has taken delivery of its first General Autonomics MQ-9 Reaper Drone supplied under a US Air Force contract. This is...
A US Navy Saildrone operating in the Arabian Gulf (U.S. Navy image)

US Navy 4th Fleet ramps up AI and unmanned systems

The US Navy is expanding its use and integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and unmanned systems via a new programme to drive technology adoption...
NATO’s ‘Dynamic Mongoose’ exercise

NATO’s ‘Dynamic Mongoose’ ASW exercise demonstrates alliance deterrence capability

NATO navies completed on 5 May the alliance’s ‘Dynamic Mongoose’ anti-submarine warfare (ASW) exercise in the North Atlantic. ‘Dynamic Mongoose’ is NATO’s long-standing annual North...
Cyber threat physical map

Safeguarding Berylia

NATO’s annual Locked Shields cybersecurity exercise gets underway in Tallinn, Estonia, bringing together participants from across the alliance. Estonia is a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation...
Security Bond-2023 will include aerial search operations, as well as sea rescue and fleet formation exercises, according to the Chinese defence ministry.

Iran, China, and Russia conduct combined naval drills in Gulf of Oman

On 15 March, surface ships from the Iranian, Chinese, and Russian navies came together in the Gulf of Oman to conduct a combined, four-day...
Two USVs

USN deploys uncrewed vehicle on exercise with CMF task force

The US Navy (USN) has integrated an uncrewed system into a Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) task force to support at-sea training in the Gulf....

HII, Ocean Aero partnership reflects trend of increased integration in uncrewed system hardware and...

US shipbuilder HII and US ocean data collection company Ocean Aero have initiated a strategic partnership arrangement designed to generate advanced maritime uncrewed system...

DriX Unmanned Surface Vehicle participates in the military training exercise Digital Horizon 22.

Exail, formerly iXblue, recently took part in the Digital Horizon Unmanned & Artificial Intelligence Exercise in Bahrain, organized by the US Navy. The U.S....

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