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Enhancing CBRN Capabilities of the Finnish Navy

Environics signed a remarkable contract with RMC (Rauma Marine Constructions) worth over 2M€ to supply CBRN Monitoring Systems to four Pohjanmaa Class multi-role corvettes,...

Upgrade Approved for Sweden’s Visby-class Corvettes; Generation 2 Definition gets ‘Green Light’

The Swedish Navy will have upgrades to its five Visby-class corvettes following an agreement between the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) and Saab. Two...

Swedish Navy Trials Next Generation Torpedo

Both the Swedish Royal Navy and the Finnish Navy are anticipating the arrival of a new generational torpedo designed for the challenging waters of...

KONGSBERG to supply Finnish Navy corvettes with Anti-Submarine Warfare and diver detection sonars

Kongsberg Maritime AS, Sensor & Robotics is celebrating the signing of a contract with Saab that will see KONGSBERG delivering its market-leading Anti-Submarine Warfare...

Saab selected as Combat System provider for Finnish Squadron 2020 Programme

In accordance with Finland’s Ministry of Defence’s proposition, the Government of Finland has selected Saab as the combat system provider and integrator for the...

Saab’s enhanced C4I Capability

Building on 50 years of experience, Saab’s 9LV was originally designed for operations in the Baltic Sea, a high clutter environment and a military...

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