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NDSA Satellite Communications

Space for Growth – NDSA Satellite Communications Moves Forward

The US’ National Defence Space Architecture will bring impressive levels of space-based connectivity down to the tactical edge. The US Department of Defence’s Space Development...

EW Podcast 22: Taking Stock – Russian Electronic Warfare Evolves in Ukraine

Phase 1 of Russia’s war in Ukraine has ended, but battle rages on. Russia’s electronic warfare posture seems to be steadily strengthening as the...
Destroyed Russian UAV

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

“They are doing better” was the laconic, yet succinct, assessment of one Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) expert regarding Russia’s application of electronic warfare against...

Small UAVs, Big Challenges

IQPC’s Full Spectrum Air Defence conference, held in London on 28th and 29th June, saw valuable discussion on the role of electronic warfare within...

Launch of Skylock’s Revolutionary Spoofing Solution

The Spoofer is Skylock’s new revolutionary C-UAS solution, which has also been entered into the Eurosatory start-up competition and will make its debut. What Sets...

Orbitica celebrates its 10th anniversary of participation at Eurosatory

This year, Orbitica celebrates its 10th anniversary of participation at Eurosatory. Meet us on our booth 5A B330. Through our four fields of expertise: GPS...
A dramatic picture of a Chayka transmitting station. Three such stations in Russia and Belarus maybe providing PNT coverage to Russian forces deployed to Ukraine.

Chayka Compensates?

Russia maybe using her Chayka radio navigation system to outflank GNSS jamming in the Ukraine theatre of operations. Russia’s RSDN-10 Chayka system is like the...

GPS-Free Navigation Solution Guarantees Safe Delivery Drone Operations

Drone delivery technologies are already here, and soon they will become an integral part of urban life in the smart city environment. Drone flights...

UMS Skeldar at DSEI 2021: V-150 Platform Flies BVLOS For First Time as Part...

DSEI Stand Number: Saab H7-110 - Europe’s leading provider of Rotary Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) UMS Skeldar, is using leading international defence exhibition DSEI...
Al-Jalaa Tower


What was happening in Gaza City’s al-Jalaa Building during the latest upsurge in violence between the Israeli government and Hamas? Israel’s military says that it...

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