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Viasat XVI Satellite Rendering

Link Rays

The United States Space Development Agency’s embrace of Link-16 connectivity is gathering momentum greatly improving the tactical datalink’s geographical footprint. Link-16 is a North Atlantic...
DARPA’s Glide Breaker

Boeing to Lead Counter-Hypersonic Flight Test, Evaluation for DARPA’s Glide Breaker

The contract award includes digital analysis and flight testing of a prototype hypersonic interceptor. Results will inform future hypersonic interceptor capabilities vital for...
F-126 class frigate

Programme Focus: KORA-40 for Germany’s New Frigates

Development is moving ahead on the electronic warfare system destined to equip new frigates for the German Navy. The Deutsche Marine (German Navy) will receive...

Evolving Technology Challenges Defence Industry Into Greater Collaboration

The ongoing evolution in defence and wider technology is shaping the capability options defence and security companies pursue in response, said Pӓr Henrikson, Saab’s...

Saab Reveals Hypersonic Sensing and Tracking Capability within ‘Squadron 2020’ Corvette Contract

Saab’s contract to deliver combat system capability for the Finnish Navy’s ‘Squadron 2020’ (‘Laivue 2020’) future corvette programme includes hypersonic missile detection and tracking,...

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