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Screen grab of alleged Sentinel jamming

Deliberate Interference?

Allegations have emerged that Russian electronic warfare systems are deliberately jamming the ESA’s Sentinel-1A Earth observation satellite as it flies over Ukraine. Are they...
LINX Mission Management System

March Spectrum SitRep

Armada’s monthly round-up of all the latest electronic warfare news in the product, programme and operational domains. Artemis and BlackFish for Linx Airborne Technologies has completed...
US Army M777A2 155mm howitzer

Radioflash! Episode 2: A Work of Fiction

FICINT is a useful tool to help us imagine how the future may unfold. It is particularly apt for those working in the electromagnetic...
Artist's impression of a GPS satellite

Radioflash! Episode 1: Voices from Space

Armada is proud to launch our new Radioflash podcast. Blending our electronic warfare and military communications podcasts Radioflash covers all aspects of military electromagnetic...

Thales and CarteNav to collaborate on new ISR Solution

As countries tackle emerging risks such as piracy, border disputes and mass migration, they need to monitor their land and maritime borders more closely than ever...

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