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The Italian Navy’s ninth FREMM frigate

Ninth Italian FREMM frigate launched

The Italian Navy’s (ITN’s) ninth Bergamini-class FREMM multi-mission frigate was launched in late November, shipbuilder Fincantieri has revealed. The ITN’s FREMM fleet will number 10...
The Italian Navy

NATO SNFs conduct combined Mediterranean training, reflecting alliance focus on FONOPS

NATO’s two Mediterranean-focused standing naval forces (SNFs) have conducted combined training in the region, with such training demonstrating the groups’ collective roles in supporting...
ITN SSK 3 ambientata

Italy approves build work for third U212 NFS submarine

Italy’s parliament has approved construction of boat three in the Italian Navy’s (ITN’s) four-boat U212 NFS (Near Future Submarine) diesel-electric submarine (SSK) class. In a...

Spreading the Word

The introduction of Integrated Tactical Networks will deliver a step-change in the way data and communications is available over the battlefield. The global access to,...

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