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Marine Alutech first developed the Watercat® M12

Kongsberg Maritime to supply waterjets for 17 Jurmo-class landing craft for the Finnish Navy

Finnish boat builder Marine Alutech has selected Kongsberg Maritime’s Kamewa waterjets for 17 new landing craft it is building for the Finnish Navy. Specialists in...
NSM Launch Truck Kongsberg

Coastal Defence Receives Boost as Poland and Ukraine Collaborate

While defence against aerial threats is receiving principal media attention efforts to counter other potential threats, particularly attacks from the sea, are being given...

Australia’s Short Range Air Defense System Completes Field Trials

With the recent successful completion of flight-testing by contractor Raytheon Australia the Australian Army appears to be one step closer to meeting the scheduled...
HMAS Brisbane RPD21

Australia to re-assess surface fleet construct, following strategic review

Australia intends to conduct an independent review of the size, mix, and capability of its naval surface fleet, as part of increasing the overall...
A Tomahawk missile is fired from the US Navy (USN) Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Dewey.

Netherlands returns to Tomahawk procurement

The Netherlands plans to procure Raytheon’s Tomahawk sea-launched cruise missile (SLCM) from the US Navy (USN), the Dutch defence ministry (MoD) has announced. The plans...
Air Defence

US Sends Another $400 Million Defence Aid to Ukraine; Total $19.7 Billion Since Russian...

On 23 November the United States authorised a further $400 million drawdown in security assistance for Ukraine’s defence against Russia. In is the 26th...
MV-22 Osprey medium transport helicopter

Re-Envisioning the Marine Corps

This month’s Commander’s Intent focuses on how the US Marine Corps senior command has updated its original Force Design 2030 concept (Mod 1), a...

Air Defence Warning – RED

NATO’s ground based air defence (GBAD) has made important strides in catching up its rivals lead in countering the forward battlefield air threat. In June...
submarine with a fully digital sensor suite

HENSOLDT equips Norwegian and German submarines with next-generation optronics suite

Sensor solutions provider HENSOLDT is equipping the German-Norwegian submarine project U212 CD with a fully digital sensor suite. The optronics division of HENSOLDT has...
Thales-mine warfare

Dead Reckoning – Pathways to USV/UUV Autonomy

How much autonomy do maritime USVs and UUVs actually need to accomplish their missions now and in the future? ‘Autonomous’, ‘unmanned’, ‘uncrewed’, ‘lean manning’… over...

Highlight of the Month

A bustling walkway at DSEI 2023

DSEI 2023 breaks all records

AERALIS’s fleet of varied Common Core Fuselage designs. (AERALIS)

The Core of AERALIS

Spectra Group STOCS

September Radio Roundup