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Automatic Vehicle Mounted Mortars to Get Combat Debut

In April 2023 it was reported that the Polish Government had agreed to provide the Ukrainian Army with three tactical sets of its RAK120...
RAK120 green and brown camo on 8X8

Vehicle Integrated Automatic Mortars Combat Multiplier

Indirect fires, both artillery and mortars, have demonstrated a decisive contribution on the battlefield. These fires have proven most effective when delivered in mass...
NEMO Mortar Fast Boat

Swedish Amphibious Force Acquiring Seaborne Mortars

Sweden’s Amphibious Battalion 2030, the expansion of its Amphibious Corps made a major move in expanding its capabilities with the recent announcement of its...
Patria 6×6 armoured vehicles

Common Armoured Vehicle System (CAVS) Collaboration Grows

The countries participating in the Common Armoured Vehicle Systems (CAVS) expanded with the recent announcement by the German government that it will join the...
NEMO Compact COMINT System

Finding NEMO

Plath showcases its NEMO compact COMINT system at the EW Live exhibition in Tartu, Estonia. Captain Nemo was the hero of Jules Vernes’ two literary...

Winning Accolades

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) is deepening its interest in off-board active RF (Radio Frequency) decoys to protect vessels against Anti-Ship Missiles (AShM)....
Elbit Soltam smoothbore 120mm mortar

Over The Top

Mortars are a class of artillery. They differ from guns which have a low, flat trajectory best suited for engaging targets by direct fire...

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