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Afghan Commandos, US Special Forces clear Kandahar

The Optical Advantage in Combat

Extending visual capabilities through the use of night or thermal vision devises, or even using micro-UAS to see ‘over the hill’ can help soldiers...

AUSA: ENVG-B Enhances Soldier Awareness

AUSA, Washington DC: Having a thorough understanding of your surroundings is a task that has faced soldiers throughout time. The importance of this has increased...

Photonis USA, Inc. announces partnership with Night Vision Devices, Inc

Photonis USA Pennsylvania, Inc. has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Night Vision Devices, Inc. as the United States’ exclusive distributor and integrator for Photonis’ lightweight...
CMOS cameras

Seeing Things

Military vehicles have used optronics, such as night vision devices, for decades for observation and targeting, driver aids and, more recently, local all-round vision,...

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