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Israeli hospital raid

How Hamas Talks

Clues emerge concerning the communications systems Hamas relies on as hostilities continue in the Gaza Strip. Israeli Defence Force (IDF) troops entered Gaza City’s...
North Korean Armed Forces Book

It’s Not Easy in the DMZ

A new book sheds much-needed light on the electronic warfare posture and doctrine of the North Korean Army. Back in January Armada sat down...

Electronic Warfare Podcast 19: Finger on the Pulse

The dangers of the electromagnetic pulse are back on the agenda, fortunately, technology is helping to mitigate this threat. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in...


Unleashing the power of the electromagnetic pulse could be devastating for critical national infrastructure. In late February, Rafael Advanced Defence Systems announced the selection of...

The New Old Game

General John E. Hyten, vice chair of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, shares his perspectives on electromagnetic support operations during a recent online...

Check the Manual

The US armed forces have a new doctrine for joint electronic warfare highlighting the importance of electromagnetic manoeuvre and reflecting recent events. The signal was...

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