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A Falcon Squadron 6x6 Fuchs TPz CBRN reconnaissance vehicle and crew on a training exercise in Jordan. (Crown Copyright)

CBRN Danger Persists

Despite the impact of COVID-19, there is still good reason for governments to affirm their commitment to new CBRN equipment and training. The long delayed...

Electronic Warfare Podcast 17: Chinese Whispers

Chinese electronic warfare is an enigmatic subject. Important new research sheds light on how the People’s Liberation Army’s land forces see EW. Sam Cranny-Evans is...

China Crisis

Two recent reports evaluate China’s electronic warfare capabilities and their implication for Asia-Pacific security. The US Department of Defence’s (DOD) annual report to Congress on...

SIGINT in the Spratlys

A new authoritative report sheds light on China’s electronic warfare posture in the disputed Spratly Islands. The People’s Republic of China (PRC) maintains both fixed...

US Army Beefs Up Electronic Warfare Posture in the Pacific

Plans are afoot to strengthen the US Army’s electronic warfare posture in the Pacific to disrupt People’s Liberation Army communications during any future conflict. Recent...

New Tools for New Threats

The US Marine Corps is reorienting its focus to near-peer rivalries in the Asia-Pacific. Its electronic warfare capabilities will need to follow suit. Published this...

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