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PLA Troops in Sidecar

MDO With Chinese Characteristics

The US DOD’s annual report on the People’s Liberation Army contains some interesting discussion of the importance the force attaches to connectivity. On 19th October,...
Army 2030 Communications Reliance

Commercial Break

The US Army is looking to deepen the involvement of private-sector satellite communications providers to satisfy its needs as the force embraces MDO and...
Iranian Military EW Cadres

Getting Past the Propaganda

A new book casts much-needed light on the electronic and cyberwarfare postures of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is no...
US Army Multi-Domain Task Force

TLS – EAB Steps Forward

US Army plans to enhance operational-level electronic and cyberwarfare are moving ahead with deliveries of prototype TLS – EAB systems in the offing. Lockheed Martin...
Spectra Group COMET

Trop of the Pops

New tropospheric communications systems will provide important enhancements to British Army and NATO beyond line-of-sight communications. In early March Spectra Group announced it would supply...
Military 5G

Famous Five

“5G will provide a transport layer that we’ll have to address in the Electronic Warfare (EW) community,” observed Colonel Kevin Finch. Col. Finch is...
PRC flag at PLA HQ

A Tale of Two Systems

The People’s Liberation Army is planning to emulate the US Department of Defence’s Joint All-Domain Command and Control concept. Towards the end of 2022 the...
US Army M777A2 155mm howitzer

Radioflash! Episode 2: A Work of Fiction

FICINT is a useful tool to help us imagine how the future may unfold. It is particularly apt for those working in the electromagnetic...
Artist's impression of a GPS satellite

Radioflash! Episode 1: Voices from Space

Armada is proud to launch our new Radioflash podcast. Blending our electronic warfare and military communications podcasts Radioflash covers all aspects of military electromagnetic...

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