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Interview with Dr. Tarık ÖĞÜT, Chairman of MILMAST

MILMAST is an engineering, technology and design company specialized in manufacturing carbon composite / aluminium Telescopic Mast Systems and Military Trailers. MILMAST employs 90 people in...
ND-SV003 See Through Wall Radar System

Through Wall Imaging Technology: NovoQuad’s 2D & 3D See Through Wall Radar Systems

When police force, law enforcement, rescue organizations perform missions, real-time information of live targets behind walls and obstacles is critical to strategic planning and...
Sperry Marine

Sperry Marine Adds New Naval Functions to VisionMaster Radar and ECDIS

Sperry Marine has announced the release of Additional Military Layers (AML) for its VisionMaster series of radars and Electronic Chart Display and Information System...

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