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The Rheinmetall Panther KF51 MBT design includes step changes in the key areas of lethality, survivability and situational awareness and is armed with a 130mm L/52 smooth bore gun fed by an automatic loader. (Christopher F. Foss)

Panther KF51 Unveiled in Paris

After a four year gap, Eurosatory 2022 opened with a raft of new developments including the unveiling of the Rheinmetall Panther KF51 main battle...
Kongsberg Remote Weapons System

Kongsberg Remote Weapons Systems Conduct Live Fire Exercise for Us Army

Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace demonstrated its remote weapons systems to the US Army at its Maneuver Center for Excellence, Fort Benning, Georgia, from 14-15...

Rafael’s SPIKE missile successfully integrated and fired from RWS Slovenian Oshkosh JLTV

The SAF (Slovenian Armed Forces) has completed a successful firing of Rafael's SPIKE LR missiles in a demonstration that took place in Slovenia, December...

Naval Remote Weapon Station at the Euronaval Online

Belgium-based designer and manufacturer of small caliber weapons and associated weapon systems and ammunition FN Herstal will attend EURONAVAL online, from today to 25...

Kongsberg Awarded Contract to Deliver XM914 Remote Weapon Stations to the U.S. Marine Corps

Kongsberg Protech Systems USA has been awarded a contract to qualify an XM914 (30mmx113mm) remote weapon station (RWS) in support of the United States...

FN Herstal Enhances deFNder® with ANTARES Situational Awareness System

For the first time in its history, FN Herstal displayed its deFNder® Medium Remote Weapon Station (RWS) together with the ANTARES optronic system at...

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