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Destroyed Pantsir system

To Kill a Pantsir

Armada has been briefed on some of the tactics used to engage and defeat the 96K6 Pantsir-S1 series SHORAD system. The 96K6 Pantsir-S1 (NATO...

Seeking Guidance

In early March, the Ukrainian media announced that Russian forces are using an enhanced version of the Kometa GNSS receiver in the Ukrainian theatre. The...
Groza-S CUAV System

Russian Drone Protection

A Russian military manual provides useful details on how Russian land forces counter uninhabited aerial vehicles at the tactical level. As Armada highlighted in a...
Russian Army FPV UAV

Check the Manual

Armada has obtained a Russian language military manual providing guidance on tactical first person view uninhabited aerial vehicle employment by Russia’s land forces. The manual...
Combat-34 Handheld Radio

Old Wine in New Bottles?

Russia may have deployed a new domestically produced handheld radio into Ukraine. Is it likely to help alleviate some of the Russian land forces’...
Russian Military Districts

Russian IADS Redux Part-6: Fundament-alists

Part 6 of Armada’s ongoing series on Russia’s strategic integrated air defence system examined its identification friend or foe apparatus. This article looks at...
Russian Army R-187 Azart Radio

Speak Easy

More details come to light on how the Russian Army organises its tactical communications in the Ukrainian theatre of operations. The 2023 Association of Old...

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