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And the Winner is…?

Published in the February/March 2021 Issue - Decisions by Canada, Finland and Switzerland over which new fighter they will select to replace their existing...

The Expansion of GCC Air Power

Published in the Middle East Feb/Mar 2021 Supplement - The expansion of GCC Air Power has been rapid and in no small measure driven...

Upgrade Approved for Sweden’s Visby-class Corvettes; Generation 2 Definition gets ‘Green Light’

The Swedish Navy will have upgrades to its five Visby-class corvettes following an agreement between the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) and Saab. Two...
Gripen E

Sweden’s Aerial Shield

Published in the December 2020/January 2021 issue - Major General Carl-Johan Edström discusses current and future deployments for the Swedish Air Force, as well...

Carl-Gustaf® M4 – The Perfect fit for Special Forces

Saab’s Carl-Gustaf system is a flexible and reliable weapon system. Since its introduction in 1948, it has been an unparalleled and supremely successful solution...

Patria delivered AMV 8×8 System Platform vehicle to Saab

Patria delivered Patria AMV 8x8 System Platform vehicle to Saab based on a contract signed last June. The vehicle will be used as a...
Afghan Commandos, US Special Forces clear Kandahar

The Optical Advantage in Combat

Extending visual capabilities through the use of night or thermal vision devises, or even using micro-UAS to see ‘over the hill’ can help soldiers...

Decoy and Destroy

A new addition to Saab’s Arexis electronic warfare product line provides added protection for Gripen. For Saab the Arexis airborne Electronic Warfare (EW) architecture is...

Swedish Navy Trials Next Generation Torpedo

Both the Swedish Royal Navy and the Finnish Navy are anticipating the arrival of a new generational torpedo designed for the challenging waters of...

Sweden Offers Gripen to Croatia

Sweden submitted its proposal of 12 new Gripen C/D fighter aircraft to Croatia. Representatives of the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) and the Swedish Embassy...

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