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AIS Spoofing

Strife on the Ocean Waves

A new report highlights shortcomings in global maritime surveillance capabilities provided via the Automatic Identification System. The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) mandates Automatic Identification...
Screen grab of alleged Sentinel jamming

Deliberate Interference?

Allegations have emerged that Russian electronic warfare systems are deliberately jamming the ESA’s Sentinel-1A Earth observation satellite as it flies over Ukraine. Are they...
iSLDMB Drift Data within a Common Operating Picture – AIMS-C4

CarteNav Announce Lifesaving Search & Rescue iSLDMB Buoy Integration with MetOcean Telematics

Coastguards worldwide demand maximal situational awareness for today’s search and rescue (SAR) operations when every second counts in the open ocean. CarteNav is pleased...

Rotors Over The Ocean

This year’s Farnborough International Airshow held in the United Kingdom in July saw a number of significant announcements regarding the naval support helicopter domain,...

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