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ATS-3100 RTS

Astronics Test Systems, the Future of Tactical Radio Test Solutions

Astronics Test Systems provides a unified radio testing experience that enables you to migrate seamlessly from a portable field solution to a bench top...
Collins Aerospace SPARTAN radio

Collins Aerospace connects military airborne and ground data through multi-node network

New approach expedites data transmission and extends data range Two contracts awarded by U.S. Air Force for up to $21 million As the battlespace...
The Afracal 2 RF Power Amplifier

Afracal 2 Triple Band Power Amplifier: facilitating wide band communications

One of the flagship products from one of the leading military manufacturing companies in Africa and the world, Sat-Com (Pty) Ltd (Secure And Tactical – Communications), is...

The Art of Packing More Into Less

As military tactical communication needs evolve, Software Defined Radios (SDR) that form the core of the capability are packing more communications bands into smaller...

Backpacking Adventure

Manpack SIGINT systems capable of collecting communications intelligence are increasingly sought after by dismounted troops. Such equipment is highly versatile. It can be used when...

Milestone: 10,000+ R&S M3SR software defined radios delivered

To ensure successful accomplishment of missions, today’s secure radio communications solutions must meet extremely demanding radio frequency (RF) requirements as well as provide high...

Operational Aircraft Trust in Rohde & Schwarz

A400M is now in service with Belgium, France, Germany, Malaysia, Spain, Turkey and the UK, supporting paratrooper deployment, transport and air-to-air refueling capabilities. Earlier...

The Day Without Satellite

Software approaches look set to increase in importance regarding tactical radio design, while threats in terms of anti-satellite weapons and electronic jamming will also...

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