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Titan-II rocket

Electronic Warfare Podcast 24: FARRAH in the Falklands

A recent article contained a startling revelation that US FARRAH satellites provided SIGINT to British forces during the Falklands War. Taking its name from...

Evolving Technology Challenges Defence Industry Into Greater Collaboration

The ongoing evolution in defence and wider technology is shaping the capability options defence and security companies pursue in response, said Pӓr Henrikson, Saab’s...

Zero Day, Plug and Play

As far as codenames for military exercises are concerned, they don’t come much better than STEADFAST COBALT. Starting on 16th May STEADFAST COBALT tests...

Electronic Warfare Podcast 18: Cold Space

The United States and Soviet Union poured billions of dollars into signals intelligence satellites during the Cold War. These spacecraft were an invulnerable and invaluable...

Mind The Gap

The French Air and Space Force will retire its two C-160G SIGINT planes next year. Will this cause a shortfall in strategic/operational SIGINT collection? Both...

OneWeb Prepares To Go Live With Its Global Connectivity Platform

OneWeb, global communications company powered from Space, is gearing up to introduce its Connectivity Platform providing defence and other Government customers with ubiquitous fibre-like...
CCS (US Space Force)

Space Savers

Australia is getting a space Electronic Warfare (EW) system. Defence Project 9358 will “explore options for … a ground-based space electronic warfare capability,” according...

Hawks for the Heavens

HawkEye 360 plans to have its third cluster of RF sensing satellites operational by August. Sharing its name with the lovable Captain Benjamin ‘Hawkeye’ Pierce...

Weibel Multi-Frequency Doppler Radar tracks rogue Chinese space object approaching Earth

In the days leading up to May 9, 2021, all eyes were on a 21-ton, 30-meter section of a rocket hurtling towards Earth. Space...

Rockets from Koonibba

Avantgarde EW approaches are being propelled by the revival of great power competition between the US-led Western alliance and so-called ‘near-peer’ adversaries like the...

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USAF B-2A Spirit Strategic Bomber

Spirit of Cooperation

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