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Saab Kockums A26

Sweden contracts Saab to conduct future underwater capability studies

Swedish defence systems house Saab has been contracted by FMV – Sweden’s defence materiel administration – to conduct concept development studies for future underwater...
Saab Damen Expeditionary Submarine for the Netherlands. Artist impression

Saab proposes expeditionary design to meet Dutch replacement submarine competition requirements

Swedish shipbuilder Saab has submitted its submarine design proposal for the Royal Netherlands Navy’s (RNLN’s) next-generation submarines. The RNLN is conducting a procurement competition to...
ITN SSK 3 ambientata

Italy approves build work for third U212 NFS submarine

Italy’s parliament has approved construction of boat three in the Italian Navy’s (ITN’s) four-boat U212 NFS (Near Future Submarine) diesel-electric submarine (SSK) class. In a...
An artist’s rendering of Sweden’s future A26 submarine at sea. Two A26 boats are currently being built. (Saab)

Sweden Assesses Next-generation Submarine Requirements and Technologies

Sweden is assessing requirements for a next-generation submarine, even as its new A26 Blekinge-class diesel-electric boats (SSKs) continue build. The Royal Swedish Navy (RSwN) has...
HNLMS Zeeleeuw

Stealthy Sub-Surface Data Gatherers

The Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN) submarine service chief Captain Herman de Groot discusses the changing underwater operating environment and how the RNLN’s upgraded Walrus-class...

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