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A US Navy Saildrone operating in the Arabian Gulf (U.S. Navy image)

US Navy 4th Fleet ramps up AI and unmanned systems

The US Navy is expanding its use and integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and unmanned systems via a new programme to drive technology adoption...

Schiebel Doubles Production Capacity of CAMCOPTER S-100 UAS

Schiebel has announced that it is expanding its flagship facility in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, to meet the growing demand for its Vertical Takeoff and Landing...

Pharad Expands Peel and Stick Appliqué Antenna Offering for L-, S-, and C-band Operation

Pharad has introduced a new Unmanned Air Systems (UAS)/Drone antenna based on its proprietary Peel & Stick Appliqué antenna technology. The design of this...

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