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WB GROUP’s FONET MK2 and SILENT NETWORK make their debut at AUSA 2022

For the first time the WB GROUP presented the FONET MK2 digital vehicle communication platform and the SILENT NETWORK low-emission military communication system at AUSA...

Special Forces Keep ‘Eyes On’ New Technology

Capable of conducting an extensive spread of mission sets across a complicated operating environment, special operations forces (SOF) demand the highest levels in technical...

Poland looks to shed robes of the past

Poland is on the defence acquisition trail to replace its old Soviet-era equipment, even if the new budget and strategy looks optimistic. Poland has undoubtably...

Full suite of C4ISR battlefield management systems showcased at DSEi 2019 in London.

WB GROUP presents its Integrated Combat Management System TOPAZ, the WARMATE loitering munitions system, dismounted observation and command system U-GATE and [email protected] radios at...

WB Group Announces FLYEYE Upgrade Contract for Polish Armed Forces

WB Group announced that it signed a supplemental agreement with NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), for upgraded versions of the in-service FLYEYE UAS...

WB GROUP to Battlefield Overwatch Strike Capability Display and Loitering Munitions during IDEX 2019

WB GROUP, developer of FONET and WARMATE, will display its integrated C2 and strike technologies during IDEX. FONET, originally fielded in 2008, has successfully been...

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