COMSAT offers Iridium Certus to US DoD, government and commercial users

The COMSAT Certus service operates in the most challenging of environments including the extremities of the poles.

With the final satellite in place linking the much-anticipated Iridium Certus NEXT constellation together, COMSAT now offers this powerful new service to aero, land-mobile, IoT and maritime users.

In addition, the U.S.-based satellite connectivity business is the exclusive service provider for Air Force Space Command’s (AFSPACE) Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services (EMSS) program. The advanced multi-service Certus platform supports critical connectivity needs regardless of location, terrain, and weather. Significantly the COMSAT Certus service also enables military, government and enterprise users to transmit classified or sensitive information, using the highly secure and reliable voice and data low earth orbit satellite communications network.

Users of COMSAT’s Iridium Certus are supported by a 24/7 Network Operations Center and customer care, always managed by cleared, award-winning staff in the United States. Customers also have access to value added services such as COMSAT Zone®, a sophisticated online SIM card account management portal giving service providers the capability to activate/deactivate, manage usage, set up alerts and monitors for SIM cards.

In addition, COMSAT IRIS®, designed to be a secure portal, serves as a complete online account management tool enabling government and commercial end users the ability to access near real-time user account information 24-hours a day.

Both COMSAT Zone® and COMSAT IRIS® are supported by a free web- based tool accessed through a simple point-and-click interface and menu. Customers can purchase additional hardware, SIM cards and airtime through the DISA Storefront, the U.S. government’s General Service Administration agency, or via COMSAT directly via

“Certus, accessed through COMSAT, offers much more than inherent Communications Security (ComSec) and seamless global coverage for military and enterprise customers. From the single network platform, we can now connect aero, land-mobile, IoT and maritime uses securely, and more cost effectively from anywhere in the world, including the extremities of the poles. This enhanced communication improves final mission critical success in dynamic environments and significantly enhances commercial opportunities,” said COMSAT President David Greenhill.

The augmented network provides extended terrestrial and cellular capability supporting high-value services which improve operational efficiency. The scalable system with its unique overlapping architecture improves reliability and delivers powerful connectivity access from smaller, lighter devices bringing increased broadband access to a wider audience.

Satcom Direct (SD), an affiliate of COMSAT, is also an Iridium Aero Market Certus Value-Added Reseller and will provide the new service to the business aviation market in 2020. SD Avionics, the hardware division of SD, has been appointed as a Value-Added Manufacturer for Iridium Certus and is currently developing an aero terminal scheduled for release in 2020.