Hanwha Defense REDBACK debuts in Europe

The Redback Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
The Redback Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
  • Hanwha Defense displays the next-generation Redback infantry fighting vehicle at Eurosatory 2022.
  • Following successful tests and evaluations in Australia and South Korea, the futuristic tracked combat vehicle is ready to compete for European programs.
  • The design of the K9A2 Self-Propelled Howitzer for the UK Mobile Fires Platform is unveiled for the first time.
  • The K9A2 features a fully-automatic ammunition handling system; composite rubber tracks; and a remote-controlled weapons station.
  • Hanwha Defense is leading “Team Thunder” to locally manufacture the K9A2 through the UK supply chain.

Hanwha Defense will showcase a range of advanced defence solutions including combat vehicles, artillery systems and air-defence systems during the Eurosatory defence and security trade show at Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, Paris, from June 13-17.

The Redback Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) will be displayed in full size, for the first time in the European market, highlighting its next-generation capabilities to meet the needs of European customers looking for advanced combat vehicles with enhanced manoeuvrability and protection technologies.

The Redback was shortlisted in 2019 as one of the two final bidders for Australia’s LAND 400 Phase 3 program. Last year, the futuristic combat vehicle successfully completed the final tests and evaluations conducted by the Australian Defence Force to prove its lethality, manoeuvrability and survivability, followed by South Korean Army’s test trials in recent months.

In Europe, the Redback has drawn keen attention in the wake of the ongoing conflict in some part of the region, as many European armed forces are seeking to acquire combat vehicles fitted with state-of-the-art armoured protection capabilities against anti-tank weapons, and all-terrain manoeuvrability.

The Redback employs several innovative protection and situation awareness technologies, such as the Iron Fist hard-kill active protection system; the Iron Vision “see-through” helmet-mounted display; the Solar Sigma Shield against adversary detection and engagement systems. The Composite Rubber Track is one of the new-generation technologies adopted by the Redback to reduce noise and vibration substantially while offering superior ride quality for its crews.

“The Redback proved its lethality, manoeuvrability and survivability during the Australian Risk Mitigation Activity in Australia, and following test trials in South Korea,” said Billy Lee, Executive Vice President of Overseas Business Division at Hanwha Defense. “With the growing requirements on advanced IFVs with enhanced protection and mobility, Redback’s competitiveness in the global IFV markets will increase further.”


Hanwha Defense will unveil the design of the K9A2 155mm/52-calibre Self-Propelled Howitzer for the British Army during Eurosatory 2022.

The K9A2 is the newest version of the K9 Thunder, which has been adopted by nine countries around the world. The K9A2 is designed to feature a fully-automatic ammunition handling system; an increased rate of fire of nine to ten rounds per minute; composite rubber tracks; and a remote-controlled weapon station.

Hanwha Defense is leading “Team Thunder” to bid for the Mobile Fires Platform (MFP) program from the UK Ministry of Defence. Team Thunder aims to locally manufacture the K9A2 through the UK supply chain. The team includes Lockheed Martin UK; Pearson Engineering; Horstman Defence Systems; Leonardo; and Soucy Defence of the Soucy Group.

“Unlike wheeled vehicles, the K9 tracked artillery is capable of operating more effectively in difficult terrains, including off-road, deserts, snow, and other challenging environments,” said Sun Wi, Director of Overseas Business Division at Hanwha Defense. “The K9A2 features unrivalled firepower, mobility, operational survivability, weight and power growth margins, to meet the capability needs of modern artillery into the future.”

About 1,700 units of the K9 system are in service with nine countries, including NATO members such as Poland, Norway, Finland and Estonia. Australia and Egypt have also placed significant orders.



The K21 is an advanced infantry fighting vehicle with a high level of lethality, mobility and operability. The amphibious combat vehicle is equipped with 40mm cannon and 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, as well as anti-tank guided missiles.

The K21 has an excellent cross-country manoeuvrability with an in-arm suspension unit. It has an advanced battlefield management system for synergy effects with all of the friendly combat forces by sharing real-time battlefield information.


The Tigon is an advanced armoured wheeled vehicle developed in 2018, one of the latest armoured wheeled vehicles in the world. Having two variants of 6×6 and 8×8 vehicles, it can carry out various tactical missions, taking advantage of all-round armour protection and flexible armament application.

The Tigon participated in several trials in different countries, showcasing its outstanding combat and reconnaissance capability. Its maximum speed on the road is 100km/h and 8 km/h in water as an option. Combat weight is 21 tons with a capacity of carrying 11 crew.


BIHO-II is a next-generation wheeled air defence system air defence system capable of thwarting all types of aerial threats. The vehicle features high manoeuvrability and excellent reaction time, improving the survivability for allied troops as well as enhancing air defence for major facilities.