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ECA Group

Beating the Minefield With Autonomous Countermeasures

The potential for autonomous mine hunting is now being realised - and the demand for it is growing. Technological developments in mine countermeasure (MCM) systems...
WMSV II unmanned surface vessel undergoing tests (Credit: DRDO)

India’s tech play for naval leadership

The Indian Navy is fast-tracking efforts to develop and deploy new digital naval systems, including advanced unmanned vessels, to position itself as the leader...
The DriX

Unmanned Surface/Subsurface Team a Force Multiplier for Seabed Warfare

On Thursday 15 September, the DriX Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) from iXblue and the ECA Group’s A18D Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) were demonstrated to...

MSubs and Sonardyne to collaborate on advancing autonomous naval platform capabilities

Submersible manufacturer MSubs and marine robotics technology company Sonardyne have signed a strategic partnership to advance the capabilities of long endurance, autonomous underwater platforms...

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