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The Saudi Hawks

Editor’s Bunker Briefing: World Defense Show After-action Report 21 February 2023 (No.85)

Dear Readers, In February I visited the 2nd World Defense Show (4-8 February, 2024), in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I visited the first one in 2022...
The EDGE Group stand at IDEX

Gulf Defence Industry Shows Its Maturity

The IDEX defence expo in the United Arab Emirates and the World Defence Show in Saudi Arabia are prime examples of how Gulf defence...

NAVICS from Rohde & Schwarz to support interoperability within GCC

Rohde & Schwarz has been contracted to supply a Gulf navy with NAVICS, an integrated IP based naval communications system. The company thereby continues...

Abraham Accords lets IDEX welcome new first timers

Published in the Middle East Feb/Mar 2021 Supplement - The flurry of normalisation agreements between Israel and Arab countries means Israeli defence contractors can...

The Expansion of GCC Air Power

Published in the Middle East Feb/Mar 2021 Supplement - The expansion of GCC Air Power has been rapid and in no small measure driven...

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