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Bofors Test Centre
The M4 Carl-Gustaf shoulder-fired multi-purpose support weapon demonstrated at the Bofors Test Centre. (David Oliver)

This was how the Bofors Test Centre’s manager, Rickard Lindstrom greeted the press at a recent demonstration of its capabilities.

He asked: “What are the capabilities of a modern weapon system? To find out, you have to take it to the very edge. No matter how challenging the task is, we can reach that edge, and record every detail of the journey.” The test centre based at Karlskoga, western Sweden, is owned by Saab, BAE Systems and Eurenco Bofors and has the knowledge, equipment and test sites required to meet the needs of the contemporary testing. Whatever type of system, distances needed, environmental conditions or target properties, it can give the exact results of a weapon system’s performance. With a staff of 63, the centre carries out more than 600 tests a year.

The latest versions of Saab’s multi-role anti-tank weapons systems are tested and demonstrated to potential customers. These include the fourth generation M4 Carl Gustaf 84mm shoulder-fired multi-purpose weapon, and the new AT4 CS ER (Confined Space Extended Range) and AT4 CS HP (Confined Space High Penetration) variants of the AT4 lightweight smoothbore weapon. Saab also produces the Carl Gustaf Weapon Effect Simulator (WES) used to train soldiers to use correct drills and procedures to, giving them the skills and experience required in real combat.