Tawazun Council, L3Harris Open Intelligence Software Center to Build Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

L3Harris Technologies and Tawazun Council announced the opening of BAZ Technologies in Abu Dhabi to build artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities for the UAE military.

BAZ Technologies, also known as the Intelligence Software Center, is a joint venture between L3Harris and UAE-based partner Atlas Telecom. The Center’s initial project under development, the Electronic Warfare Launch Portal, will facilitate the application of AI and ML to real-time data, enabling faster, more informed decisions across multiple domains.

“BAZ is a vital development for the technical and military capabilities of the UAE,” said a spokesperson for Tawazun Council. “We are building in-country AI and ML skills at the same time as creating a formidable defense data-analysis capability for the nation.”

Currently staffed with local Emiratis and expatriates supported by L3Harris, BAZ is the result of a lengthy relationship between L3Harris and Tawazun Council and is part of a wider review of the EW capabilities of the region. As the UAE has an objective of becoming a world leader in the development of AI and AI-based applications, it expects extensive research and development projects, and the Center is evaluating future capabilities in robotics.