World Defense Show 2024: EDGE Debuts JAIS Mark 2 in Milestone Upgrade of Entire Armoured Vehicle Line

JAIS MK2 armoured vehicle
JAIS MK2 armoured vehicle

EDGE Group entity, NIMR, the leading manufacturer of combat-proven wheeled military vehicles, has announced the launch of the second-generation of its JAIS MK2 armoured vehicle ahead of the World Defence Show (WDS) 2024, being held from 4 to 8 February 2024 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

This milestone completes the upgrade of NIMR’s entire product line (AJBAN, HAFEET and JAIS) to the second generation, reaffirming its commitment to delivering innovative solutions that align with evolving customer needs and solidifying its reputation for market excellence.

The JAIS 4×4 is a mine-resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicle being manufactured by NIMR and is capable of supporting conventional, modern, and asymmetric combat operations. The JAIS MK2 offers enhanced protection for critical systems and improved mobility within the same overall weight class. Featuring a completely new modernised electrical system, a larger payload, increased internal crew capacity, and expanded external storage, its design prioritises ergonomics. It also boasts a reduced thermal signature and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) compliance, elevating overall efficiency. NIMR started delivering the JAIS MK2 to customers in 2023, after having successfully completed development, testing and production.

Abri du Plessis, CEO, NIMR, said: “Completing the comprehensive update on the JAIS MK2 and across all our product lines is a significant landmark for NIMR. With the upcoming World Defence Show 2024 in Saudi Arabia, a strategically important market for NIMR, this launch is particularly momentous and underlines our commitment to meeting the needs of key customers and propelling NIMR’s sustained success in the years ahead.”

NIMR’s vehicles, designed to withstand a diverse range of mission requirements, are meticulously manufactured at state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring strict adherence to international military standards and complete platform versatility allowing for real-time modifications – even during production – to align with field data, combat insights, and the evolving operational needs of clients.